CONSUMERS WANT safe & fair labor



  • 91% of US consumers would pay a premium for goods labeled living wage. Learn more.
  • 87% of American households would be willing to pay extra for a product that guaranteed a living wage and safe working conditions for workers. Learn more.
  • Consumers are most willing to pay for a social label that benefits people, focuses on a single beneficiary and is certified by a third party organization. Learn more.

WE verify it



  • INSTANT: Consumers need instantly recognizable symbols and web-based links to proof. We provide an obvious symbol of compliance and links to your company certification page and our website. By clicking our link on a company webpage or searching in a smart phone, anyone can access as many levels of Thayer Certified's evaluation criteria and verification process as they need.
  • SIMPLE: By focusing on only the human aspect of sustainability and CSR, we pinpoint and verify only the most fundamental evidence of a SAFE & FAIR workplace. That means that Thayer Certified appeals, and is accessible, to a broad range of consumers.
  • TRUSTWORTHY: We back up the Thayer Certified stamp with an auditing system that’s laser focused on the most fundamental aspects of worker safety and fair compensation. Our common sense approach makes our certification doubly robust and understandable. The Thayer Certified stamp means a labor compliance expert has visited the workplace where your product was made in the past year and it has received a passing grade in our evaluation report.




  • DIFFERENTIATION: We are the first 3rd party certification focused exclusively on SAFE & FAIR labor. The Thayer Certified seal on your website and products sets you apart and adds value to your brand. The clickable link on your website also provides an instant factsheet of your SAFE & FAIR labor highlights as well as the entire contents of this website to prospective customers.
  • EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT: Thayer Certified audits bring you closer to your employees. Prioritizing SAFE & FAIR labor shows you are invested in your workforce. As a 3rd party, our anonymous interviews normally return more honest and direct feedback than internal employee surveys.
  • BOTTOM LINE: Harvard Business School Research has shown that that consumers really do pay extra for fair labor certifications, even in a recession. One study showed a 10% increase in retail sales. Another showed that 62% of online shoppers payed a premium for a fair labor certified product.

Want more proof?

Read our blog. It’s an evolving catalogue of evidence to support our mission.