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Hangers Couture LLC makes baby swaddles under the brand name Three Little Anchors. Three Little Anchors was founded by Brittney Zeller. 

After having three boys Brittney quickly realized that the baby market was somewhat limited when it came to “baby” themed prints for little boys.  Wanting to show a little more of her own character and personality in the baby accessories she often found herself carrying around with her everywhere (bibs, blankets), she decided it was the perfect line to add to her business portfolio.  Baby swaddle blankets are almost always used in newborn or “first” photo-shoots.

Hangers Couture sells its own Three Little Anchors designs as well as NCAA-branded prints on-line and at select brick-and-mortar locations.

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Three Little Anchors' Zibo, China Swaddle Factory




  • 100% of factory workers are paid a living wage.
  • 100% of employees interviewed said that their factory is a healthy and safe place to work.
  • 100% of employees feel like they are fairly compensated for their work.
  • 73% of employees have been with the factory for more than two years, which indicates very low turnover (high job satisfaction) rate for this area/industry.